Castle Codie
Thursday, April 07, 2005
So tell me:

Am I foolish to keep supporting windows clients when I am predominatly a linux guy, or just a glutton for the easy money.

On nights like tonight, I feel that I am a step below the common prostitute, with friends. I performed a paid service for my client, but I had to pay someone else to participate.

They got their money's worth, my client got their values worth, I made my tidy profit.

So am I a facilitator, or a pimp?

Upon futher reflection, the only thing worse than being blond, would be being completely shitfaced.

And I could be both.

Care to guess which one?

I would suggest you read the rest of this short blog before replying and laying down your bet.

THEN... you can give me your money if you wish.

And I WILL take it....daddy needs a second processor.


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