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Sunday, July 18, 2004
Just goes to show.

Even at my (getting on to advanced) age, you can still learn new things.

Tonight I learned that Schlitz Bull Ice beer and Skyy vodka do not mix. At least not in the same cup. They seem to mixed well enough with each other once they reach my stomach, but they sure taste abominable mixed together in the same cup.

An experiment I have no wish to repeat, as it was a waste of good beer and good vodka.


(p.s.: to all the fellow drinkers out there: What do you think is the best achoholic mixer for vodka? A really good martini receipe would also be nice, but I'm always looking for something new to do with vodka.

Got to match a Yucca Blossom. Been making them since 1981, and even though I don't like coconut, it is still the best summertime drink I've run into.

Please email me with your receipes.)

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}}} To Tammy: I miss you on this day. {{{

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